Buying a hot tub is no small task, and with an investment that you’ll be soaking in for many years to come, choosing the right one is vital to your enjoyment.

If you’ve recently started your hot tub buying process, you may have caught yourself wondering how to know which hot tub would be right for you and what things you’ll need to consider before making the leap into hot tub ownership.

This comprehensive hot tub buying guide has everything you need to know, from choosing the right hot tub size, feature considerations, and even the top things to do before your new hot tub is delivered.

Keep reading to make finding your dream hot tub easy.

A Comprehensive Hot Tub Buying Guide For a Perfect Purchase

  • Hot Tub Buying Guide – 8 Influential Factors
  • What to Do Before Delivery
  • Why Buying a Hot Tub is a Great Investment
  • Conclusion

Hot Tub Buying Guide – 8 Influential Factors

Hot tubs have advanced over the years to become complex models that boast a wide range of features and designs and come in various sizes to make them ideal for families of every size.

While this certainly means there’s endless potential to create a backyard paradise that can rival any high-end retreat, it also means finding the one that’s absolutely perfect for you can be a challenge.

Your hot tub can provide upwards of 20 years of relaxation and enjoyment to you and your family, so choosing the right one is vital!

Here are eight things to consider before buying your hot tub that will ensure it’s everything you need it to be.

1. Hot Tub Size

Hot tubs come in varying sizes, from intimate three-person models to family-friendly units that can fit eight!

When it comes to choosing the right size hot tub, there are two factors that will influence your options:

  • The size of your backyard
  • Your lifestyle

Your backyard will have the most power over which models are a good fit for you.

If you have a small backyard, adding a large eight-person hot tub to it can make it feel crowded, taking over most or all of your usable space.

When choosing your hot tub, you’ll want to consider which size would complement your space.

To do this, measure your backyard before beginning your hot tub search.

Your lifestyle will be the next most influential factor in which models would be a good fit for you.

The easiest way to figure out what size hot tub would be best is by asking yourself one simple question; “How do you imagine using your hot tub?”

If you imagine throwing fun hot tub parties with all your friends and family, then you’ll want a larger model, like the Aspen®.

On the other hand, if you picture your hot tub as an intimate escape to catch up with your partner, or envision using it as a quiet solo escape after a long day, then a smaller unit like the Capri® may be all you need.

2. Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

The efficiency of your hot tub is important and will have a significant impact on your operational costs after installation.

Some factors that influence the energy efficiency of your hot tub include the:

  • Insulation
  • Shell design
  • Heating element
  • Circulation system

Your insulation and shell are easily one of the most influential factors in your spa’s energy efficiency by increasing your heat retention.

The less work your heater has to do to maintain the temperature of your water, the better.

Sundance®️ Spas use Full-Foam Insulation and have a Rigid Bond️ shell design to trap heat.

The extra lamination on your shell increases heat retention while the foam fills all the open space between it and the cabinet.

This locks in heat and makes your spa incredibly energy efficient by reducing the work your system needs to do to maintain your water temperature.

Many models even include the option to upgrade to EcoWrap®️ Insulation, increasing your energy efficiency even more, even in the harshest climates!

3. Your “Must-Have” Hot Tub Features

Every hot tub comes with its own set of standard features, with many offering optional upgraded features you can choose to add to yours to customize your experience to your individual needs.

Knowing which features you absolutely want your spa to have will help narrow down your options and make finding your dream spa even easier.

Standard Features

Standard features are those that are included in your purchase before adding any upgrades.

These base features change based on the series of your spa, with models in the top-tier series including more standard features than any other.

For example, the 980️ Series includes two of the most high-end hot tubs Sundance®️ Spas offers and includes the most features built into the base model.

On the other hand, the 680️ Series includes some of the most affordable Sundance®️ Spas models and includes a shorter list of standard features.

Standard features often include:

  • Filtration systems
  • Jet options and designs
  • Shell designs
  • Water management systems

Optional Features

Nearly every hot tub comes with a selection of optional features that you can add to your chosen model.

While the set of optional features varies from model to model, these features make it easier to stay within your budget by giving you the option to buy a more affordable hot tub and add on only the features you absolutely want your spa to have.

Some optional features include:

  • Upgrade suite packages (in the Sundance®️ Splash️ Series)
  • EcoWrap®️ Insulation
  • SmartTub️ Water Management System
  • Built-in Bluetooth stereo systems
  • Cabinetry upgrades

4. The Different Hot Tub Jets and Massage Options

Hot tub jets come in various styles and designs, each with its own unique purpose.

Some target large muscle groups with a powerful pressure, while others provide a more gentle stream to treat the smaller muscles in your wrists.

Many hot tubs come with various configurations and jets, making it easy to find a model that includes the right mix to target the muscles you need it to.

Knowing where your pain and tension are can help you find the model that has the right configurations and jet styles for you.

For example, if you struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome, you’d want to consider a model like the Capri® that includes the Pulsator️ Jets.

Alternatively, if you have a demanding job or spend all day on your feet, you may be struggling with sore legs or aching joints at the end of each day.

Choosing a model that includes a lounge seat can help relieve the pressure on your joints by providing a weightlessness as you lean back, while your entire body can be treated to a therapeutic massage from your neck to your toes.

Watch this short video to get a sense of some of the different jet configurations and designs available.

5. Your Budget

Your budget will be a highly influential aspect when it comes to which models you’ll want to include on your list of potentials.

When it comes to setting your budget, you’ll want to consider all the costs associated with your new hot tub.

Some costs you’ll need to consider when setting your budget include:

  • The price of your hot tub
  • Installation costs
  • Energy costs
  • Maintenance costs, such as your chemicals

6. Ask About Financing

The base price is certainly the most costly aspect of those listed above.

Hot tubs are an investment and should be treated as such. This is why many dealerships offer financing options.

Not only does this make your dream hot tub more affordable than ever by skipping the large upfront payment, but it allows you to focus your budget on a low monthly cost that’s easier to work with.

Prior to partnering with any dealership, you’ll want to ask about financing options they may offer.

This will ensure you’ll have to make fewer compromises and shows that your dealership values your experience.

7. Your Dealer Matters

Your dealership is for more than just finding your dream hot tub.

Your hot tub will be an integral part of your daily life for many years to come, and your dealership should be supporting you throughout it all.

Finding the right dealership is essential in ensuring you have quality service for years to come, not just while you’re shopping.

When it comes to your dealership, some things you’ll want to consider include their:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Expertise
  • Financing options
  • Service solutions
  • Years of experience

8. Ask About Warranty

Every hot tub should come with a substantial warranty, and your dealership should be able to proficiently walk you through what’s included.

Most warranties won’t be provided by the dealership directly and are often from the actual brand.

Ensuring your hot tub is well protected over the years can keep you from facing unnecessary charges or expensive repairs if it’s avoidable.

Being aware of what your warranty covers and what could potentially void it is essential, and your dealership is a big part of helping you understand what’s included.

This is also why it’s important to partner with a dealership that includes hot tub service solutions.

Their expert technicians will be able to ensure any work they do remains within the bounds of your warranty and won’t void it.

To see what’s included in Sundance®️ Spas Warranty, check out our page of owner resources.

What Do I Need to Do Before My Hot Tub is Delivered?

After you’ve bought your hot tub, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for its arrival.

Some things you’ll need to do include:

  • Choosing your hot tubs location
  • Decide between an above-ground installation or in-ground
  • Prep your foundation

Choose Your Hot Tubs Location

Choosing where you want your hot tub installed is about more than just the aesthetics of your space.

You’ll also want to ensure it’s close to a water source so refilling your spa is hassle-free and that you have the proper electrical requirements to support it.

For many, the best place for their spa is near their home, on their deck, or existing patio.

This ensures that it’s easy to run the necessary electrical, increases the privacy of your spa, and keeps it close to your outdoor water source, easily within reach of your garden hose.

In-Ground Installation vs. Above-Ground

Above-ground installations are by far the most popular option for a few reasons.

Not only are they more affordable, but they also make accessing your panel more convenient and ensure you can move your spa more easily in the future should you wish to.

In-ground installations are more costly and require you to dig a large hole with enough room for you to easily reach your access panel after your spa has been installed.

Prep Your Foundation

Your foundation is the supportive base your hot tub will be sitting on top of.

This foundation needs to be perfectly level and strong enough to support your hot tub after it’s been filled and people are in it.

Some of the most common foundations people use include:

  • Concrete pads
  • Crushed gravel
  • Existing decks
  • Existing patios

Watch a delivery in action in this short clip:

Why a Hot Tub is a Great Investment For Your Home, and Well-Being

Hot tubs provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience providing far more than just relaxation.

When you choose the right hot tub, both your health and lifestyle may see some significant improvements, such as:

  • Reduced pain
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Better recovery
  • Less muscle tension
  • Improved circulation
  • More quality time with your loved ones
  • An increase in the value of your home

While any hot tub you buy will easily provide these benefits, finding the one that meets your unique needs can amplify them even more.

Hot Tubs For Sale in Appleton, Wisconsin

If you’re ready to begin your search and explore your options in person, Fox Valley Pool and Spa has everything you need.

From a fully-stocked showroom to a range of service solutions to support you long after your hot tub has been installed, our team is here to help you throughout your entire experience. Visit our Appleton showroom in person to see your new hot tub up close and personal, or contact us to get started.