Hot Tubs on Clearance

We often have display spa models, demo spa models, and refurbished spas available in our inventory. Each hot tub has been thoroughly inspected and repaired to bring it back to a fully functioning condition. We can help you find a hot tub that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our inventory changes frequently. Feel free to give us a call for the most up-to-date information on available stock.

Bristol 2023
Bristol 2023

Bristol 2023

Serial #: R00974153
Color: Platinum / Coastal

Red Tag Model. Full Warranty!



Why Buy a New Hot Tub Over a Used?

When browsing online for a Sundance® Spa, opting for a brand-new model can offer numerous advantages over clearance used models. New models provide access to the latest cutting-edge technology and features, enhancing your overall spa experience. Moreover, they often come with warranties, ensuring your investment remains protected from unexpected repair costs. Additionally, choosing a new spa allows you to select the perfect model, size, and customization options that align with your unique preferences and needs, ensuring a tailored and satisfying purchase.