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Swim Spas offer optimal swimming conditions with adjustable currents, large non-slip bases for fitness, and a safe environment for swimming lessons.

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Capacity: 5 people
Volume: 1229 Gal
Size: 150" x 93" x 49"
Weight (Empty): 1800 Lbs
Weight (Filled): 12093 Lbs

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Price: $24,999

MSRP: $26,195

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Product Description

Designed to offer the ultimate benefits of a Swim Spas: you will never have to turn, touch the water walls or push yourself forwards! The current offers you optimal swimming conditions suitable for any fitness level. The large inside surface and the non-slip base are also perfect for aquatic fitness. Thanks to the current that can be adjusted to suit the desired intensity of your session, it’s ideal for training. Our Swimspa is safe and a great environment to teach children how to swim.

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PlayStream Specs

Volume (G): 1229 Gal
Dry Weight (Lbs): 1800 Lbs
Filled Weight (Lbs): 12093 Lbs
Length (in): 150"
Width (in): 93"
Height (in): 49"
Hydrotherapy Seats: 9
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