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The 19 Foot Dual Temperature Dual Stream Swimspa is an exercise spa with built-in stairs, an attached hot tub for five people featuring 30 jets and distinct controls for temperature adjustment.

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Capacity: 5 people
Volume: 2076 Gal
Size: 226" x 93" x 53"
Weight (Empty): 2940 Lbs
Weight (Filled): 21317 Lbs

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Price: $54,999

MSRP: $61,195

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Product Description

The 19 Foot Dual Temperature Dual Stream Swimspa features an exercise spa, built in stairs and an attached 5 person hot tub with 30 jets and separate controls. Set the temperature to 84 degrees in the exercise area for swimming or water aerobics and set the hot tub to 100 degrees for unsurpassed family fun and relaxation. It’s the ultimate combination of exercise and pleasure.

We offer a number of options to customize the spa to meet your specific requirements. Our smooth, even current is fully adjustable in speed from a gentle breaststroke to a racer’s pace. At full speed the swim is identical to a 1:08 hundred yard pace.

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DualStream Specs

Volume (G): 2076 Gal
Dry Weight (Lbs): 2940 Lbs
Filled Weight (Lbs): 21317 Lbs
Length (in): 226"
Width (in): 93"
Height (in): 53"
Hydrotherapy Seats: 5
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