Interest in shopping locally has surged over the past five to ten years. People want to purchase quality products from small businesses — businesses they feel connected to and can trust. Have you ever wondered why buying local is so important? Here’s why you might want to consider supporting local businesses like Fox Valley Pool & Spa if you haven’t already.

Personalized Service

How often have you purchased from a big box store, whether online or in person, and found its customer service lacking? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence; big businesses often prioritize volume over individual customer satisfaction. 

At Fox Valley Pool & Spa, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service. We understand that purchasing a hot tub, swim spa, or pool is a significant investment, and we’re here to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, from the initial consultation to long after your pool or spa is installed.

Support After a Sale

Even if you have decent customer support when you purchase from a giant corporation, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same support once they get your money. It’s usually the opposite — many companies will try to wave away problems with their products by offering refunds or discounts, but they will rarely go through the effort to provide support or solutions.

Carvin above ground Pool in a backyard

Small businesses often go in the opposite direction. Part of their personalized service is providing support whenever needed, regardless of when your product was purchased. This support is vital for larger purchases like hot tubs or swim spas; questions or concerns can pop up months or even years later. You want to purchase from a company that knows you, your situation, and how to address your needs.

Community Connections

One of the more abstract reasons people shop locally is a desire to foster a strong community. Having local businesses you can rely on encourages economic growth in your neighborhood. But more than that, it builds relationships between you and others within your community. 

A local business like ours understands that these relationships are valuable and will generally give back to the community however it can. Big businesses just don’t show up in the same way. In fact, big businesses usually flush out the little guys, creating the exact opposite feeling. 

When this happens, rather than having a neighborhood community that feels interconnected and cared for, you’re living on the fringes of an industrial park without small businesses to back you up.

Environmental Benefits

Today’s customers value a business’s environmental impact more than ever. Purchasing products online or from big box stores is usually one of the least sustainable ways to shop. While it may be convenient, the energy used to ship and transport items all over the country wreaks havoc on the planet. 

The situation gets even more dire when you consider how challenging it is to ship large appliances. While buying local can’t entirely eliminate the environmental impact of purchasing a pool or spa, it can significantly reduce it. 

Local businesses also tend to have more of an investment in the area, meaning they’re more likely than big businesses to have eco-friendly practices.

Expertise and Reliability

If you buy a pool or spa from just anyone, they probably won’t take into account how the local climate or circumstances can affect your purchase. For example, a local spa company might be more likely to offer options that enable you to use your swim spa in cold weather by showcasing examples of products with extensive insulation. Big companies often don’t have the same insight into their customers’ markets.

Local businesses are also more likely to provide a more accurate and honest look at what you can expect while you shop around. While they’re interested in making a sale, they’re much more invested in providing value to their customers, and they understand how vital it is to build trust any way they can.

Buying Local in Wisconsin With Fox Valley Pool & Spa

We’re proud to serve Appleton, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area with the same high-quality options you’d find at larger retailers without all the red tape of big business. Reach out to us today to learn more, or browse through our collection to see what’s in store for you. Whether you’re in the market for a spa, sauna, cold plunge tub, or pool, Fox Valley Pool & Spa is here to provide the personalized service and expertise you deserve.